Here's a list of questions we frequently get asked:



How Much Do You Charge?

Because of the vast range of circumstances we have to take in to account (travel, dates, size of venue, PA requirements etc...) we do not have a fixed price. However, our prices do start from as little as £500. Please get in touch via email and we will give you an accurate quote within 12 hours - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Do You Do Discount For Charity Events?

Yes, we do!! We will always support good causes where we possibly can! Since forming, we're proud to have helped raise over £30,000 for various amazing causes! Any registered charity is entitled to an automatic 10% discount when they book us for a fundraising event!


How Many Are In The Band?

We normally have 6 members but occasionally we go out as a 5 piece depending on availability and stage space.


How Long Does It Take You To Get Set Up?

About 35-45 Mins ordinarily


Do You Have Your Own Lighting & PA Equipment?

We certainly do. We carry a hi-quality PA system with us which is capable of filling most wedding and party venues up to a capacity of 450 and we also carry some basic stage and disco lighting. We do not bring our own stage. We are happy to play on the floor though!!


Do You Have Any Power Requirements?

We're one of the few bands that can run our entire system off 13amp plug sockets so 99.9% of venues (indoor and out) can handle us!!


Are Noise Limiters A Problem?

They're not ideal but unlike most bands, if we need to, we can turn our drummer down as he has an electric kit he uses on occasions when we have limited space or need to be particularly sensitive with volume! We have yet to have any problems with noise limiters!


How Do I Pay?

You pay a 50% deposit upon booking and then the remainder of your balance the week before the gig. This can be done by Bank Transfer, Cheque, Cash or Credit/Debit Card.


Are You Insured?

We certainly are! Most our hotel venues insist upon it so we have £5 public liability insurance.


Does Your Equipment Have PAT Certificates?

It does, and we can email them to the venue in advance with our insurance to keep them happy!!


Do You Do Requests?

For first dance songs, we will always do our best but can't promise to meet every requirement. If we can't we always make sure it's on CD! If time is available and the song is suitable for the style of musicians we are then we'll give it a go if we can but won't make any promises as we don't like to disappoint if it doesn't work out!


Do You Have Any Other Requirements?

If we're travelling more than 75 miles from our base then we would request that you provide 3 hotel rooms for us. Other than that, the only thing that we require is some drinks (to keep the vocal chords working) and a small amount of food, which normally means 'you let us join the buffet'. Details of that are on the booking contract. We're low maintenance we promise!!


ANY OTHER QUESTIONS? JUST ASK!! This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it